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Testimonials About Care & Rehab - Barron


Hello dear friends, Well, the end of an era is upon us.  It has been quite the journey through parent care, with both Mom and Dad being a part of the Care & Rehab - Barron community.  We would like to express our deepest appreciation for all you have attempted in meeting the needs of these special people.  Being very involved family members with lots of ideas and expectations, we probably were overwhelming at times, to say the least.  We hope you can all take a deep breath, sit back and rest from your labors, knowing you did a fabulous job of giving your best for my parents' care.  We will have many reminiscing moments and smiles as we think of the various situations we all had to deal with, some hilarious, some more poignant. Also please extend our thanks to the RNs, CNAs and others who touched our parents' lives.  God's blessings to you all in the future.

- Name Withheld

I got just out of the nursing home (Baron Care and Physical Rehab) and best get to writing.  When I am through perhaps people of my era won't find the thought of being stuck in a rest/nursing home so intimidating.

- Name Withheld

I do not for a moment contend that a nursing home is a merry place to be.  I desperately wanted back in my own house.  In life most of us are up and down more times then a window shade.  The thing is to get back up and let the sunshine pour back in.  Maintain your sense of personal worth and humor, and you are sure to make it.  I am greatly grateful to those who wished and prayed me back to health and for the wonderful care at the Barron Care and Rehabilitation.  I recommend them.

- Shortress


Super thanks to all at Barron Rehab & Care for the great help, as I recovered from hip surgery.  Rhonda and crew, for the great meals, C.N.A.'s for patience and help, Activity Department for entertainment, Therapy Department to get me mobile again, and staff to keep things running.  Thank God, for such a caring, healing facility.

 - Norma Jenson

"My wife Audrey has Alzheimer’s. She has been in Care & Rehab - Barron for three years. After touring other facilities, I placed her here. In this smaller facility, I felt the care would be more personalized. To ensure my decision was correct, my visits have been at odd hours. During these three years she has always been clean and appeared comfortable. Despite her lack of response and inability to communicate, the staff attempts to integrate her into activities. I am pleased to highly recommend Care & Rehab - Barron and the services they provide."

- Donald Kurschner

"Knowing that our grandma is being taken care of by the caring staff at Care & Rehab - Barron has been a tremendous relief of our family. The staff here is kind, supportive, encouraging and always professional. Our grandma feels cared for and cared about regardless of who happens to be working that day. From the food, to the cleanliness, to the activities provided for the residents Care & Rehab - Barron has gone above and beyond to ensure every patient and their families are well taken care of."

 - The Josephine Rick Family

"When I was informed by the Dr. that I needed Nursing Home care I was fearful of what I would find. You see, 25 years ago I was a nursing assistant in this same center and I remember well the things that happened here and how the resident preferences were ignored. I asked my husband to promise me that he would not let me die here. At the time of this writing, I have been here two months and I am totally amazed at the difference between what I expected and what I have experienced. The staff are patient with me and considerate of my preferences and really care about me. I am not just another patient or some number. I make choices about my daily schedule and even what I want to eat, and the food is great. From the administrator to the maintenance, the staff are always there to help and are deeply concerned about me and my needs and that I am receiving the best care available. They have helped me tremendously in my recovery and thanks to all of them I have a good feeling about life. I am very impressed with this care center and would recommend this place to anyone."

 - Carol Hazelton. Barron WI

To all my friends and the whole staff 06-02-15  
I thank you all again for the wonderful care I received from you all while I was there.  You are all a great bunch of people working together. I tell everyone about the facility and recommend it to anyone in need. I am feeling pretty good although my back is pretty touchy at times. I will stop in and see you all soon.

 - Carol Hazelton. Barron WI



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